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Time:11:34 pm
Title: Morning
Characters: Rusty/Basher, mentions of Linus and Molly
Disclamer: characters are not mine... obviously
Summary: Basher comes in with critical information and tries to wake Rusty... key word being 'tries'...
Note: I rescued it from one of my old hard drives. It was writen about 6 or 7 years ago. English not my first language, so feel free to beta and to comment. Thanks!

The daylight enlightened the whole room and yet, Rusty was fully asleep.
He was resting on his stomach, his face turned to the open door, and Basher would certainly have been taken aback by his peaceful and totally out of guard expression if only he could take his eyes off the naked boby in front of him.
Rusty moved a little and Basher had to force himself out of his contemplative transe.  He swallowed an cleared his throat.
"Hey, get up big boy. It's half past twelve already."
Rusty mumbled something and turned around, offering his back for Basher to consider.

Well, if he was to have him out of bed, Basher could only think of one solution.
Actually, he could think of two or three dozens but given the current situation, there was only one he wanted to consider.

He sat besides Rusty on the bed and traced down the curve of Rusty side with one hand. Rusty let out a sound of protest and turned back on his stomack.
"Time to wake up Russ" Basher said as he rubbed gently the other's back.
As an answer, Rusty turned his face to Basher. 'Just pretending to be polite' Basher thought, as Rusty kept his eyes deadly close.
"mm?" Rusty moaned.
"Half past twelve. You wanna go somewhere for lunch?"
"Should I count it for a yes or a no?"
"Oh, leave it out!... Russ, come on. Wake up. There's something new about the kid."
"He paid a visit to his mother this morning"
Basher had expected at least a sign of surprise from Rusty but none came, so he pursued,
"While his father was out. And do you know what he asked to his dearest mum? You won't believe it."
"Yep. Exactly. He asked her assistance to plan his scam! And do you know why?"
"You knew?"
"No way! You knew his mother was a thief and you didn't tell me?"
Basher wouldn't have bet more than a ten on it but this last one sounded a bit different.
"Hey man, you must have heard at some point in your life that a long time ago, people invented a language so that they woudn't have to tell the difference between two or three billions of different 'mmm'. Many drama and wars were avoided thanks to that."
Rusty cleared his throat, eyes still closed, a playful smile on his lips.
"Yeah man. So why didn't you tell me?"
Basher sighed deeply.
"Ok, whatever. If you don't want to answer, let's move to the next question: What do we do now? Still want to give him a chance?"
"mm... guess so.... what do you think?"
"I don't know man. Have you been crying for help to your mother for your first big job 'on your own'?"
"She's a bartender so, you know, she wouldnt have been of much help..."
"But if... oh, forget it. It's for you to decide anyway.... So you're up for breakfast?"
"Not yet..." And a soft smile played again on Rusty's lips. A smile Basher was starting to like.
"Not yet?" And even if the other had his eyes closed, Basher couldn't help but smile back.
"mm..." Rusty moaned as he ran his hand under Basher's shirt.
"Alright, we'll have lunch later then."
And he rolled on the bed besides Rusty.
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[icon] Morning - The thing... with the guy... in the place...
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